Some Fall Decor-Hope to Inspire

Some Fall decor, using Creams and Turquoise colors. I painted those pumpkins that were once orange (from The Dollar Tree) the flower pot, wheel barrel and candle sticks are from my local thrift store and the flowers were 50% off at Michael’s.. Burlap coasters in the wheel barrel are also made by myself.. what do you think? Comment below.

Below are some of my Amazon (affiliate links) picks to help give you some inspiration in creating your own coffee table decor!



  1. Hello Jessica
    I have enjoyed reading your post that just got started.I also went to your “about me page”Like you I love art and craft and have found motivation reading your fall decor post.
    Again like you I do enjoy looking for bargains in thrift stores so as to have a base to work with, from there I let my imagination and creativity run wild as I create “master pieces”(in my opinion)
    Looking forward to read more on your creative articles and hope I cn share with you mine in the future.Thanks so much for sharing.Great post.

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