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Wanted to share my dining room area, I do most of my work(like this blog post) at my dining table area. My decor gives me a sense of peace. I made the wall shelves from some old shutters I found on Craigslist. I cut them in half, gave them a little sanding, painted them using Waverly Chalk paint from Walmart(Color used: Cashew). For the shelf itself, I cut some pieces from some palletts (you can get those for free from grocery storesor any garden places, just call and ask!) which i painted as well(same color). For the mounting brackets, I got 2 from Walmart, (in the hardware section). I installed some brackets onto the back (to be able to mount the shutter shelves to the wall.
I made the paper wreaths(if you want a tutorial on those, leave me a comment below).
The two 12 x 12 signs and the two smaller ones on top of those were from a small discount shop at the mall. The other decorations on the shelves are from my local thrift stores. I made the “Thankful” banner (if you want a tutorial on those, leave me a comment below) I planted Succulents in the tea cups (if you want a tutorial on those, comment below)

The ladder shelf towards the left, that also from a local thrift store, which was originally black and I painted it in the Cashew color chalk paint as well.

So dont be afraid to bargain shop at a thrift shop, you can find some good finds, which you can repaint or repurpose. If you have any questions or want me to do a tutorial on how I did some of the items, comment below. Thanks!

Eclectic Indigo Gypsy8

Below are some of my Amazon picks for more inspiration!

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  1. I adore those shelves. Really adore those shelves! And also the camera on your ladder shelf. I have an old video camera on a shelf in my kitchen and I’m on the hunt for an old slr or even a point and shoot. To add.

  2. Those shelves are adorable and I have a ladder shelf I have been contemplating painting, yours turned out so good that I am definitely going to give it a try!

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