DIY- Necklace Holder/Organizer

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**Pics are down below**

Supplies needed (You don’t need these exact supplies, you can make it your own) I used: Super Glue and Stencils (From the Dollar Tree); Cork and Big Buttons (from Michaels Arts and Crafts); Brown Shoe Polish (from Walmart) and a piece of wooden plank (which I had cut from a pallet from a previous project) A Hammer and Sawtooth Hangers (from Ocean State Job Lot) but you can use any other items that will be used to hang on your wall(as long as its sturdy)

I attached the sawtooth hanger to the back of the board first because once you glue the corks/buttons, it will be hard to hammer the sawtooth hangers to the back.

So using the shoe polish, I stained the wood, and I also stained the corks to match. Then I used the glue to adhere the corks to the board and then the same with the buttons to the corks.(let dry for at least 12-24 hours) *Hint: You can even use door knobs instead of cork and buttons!*


Lastly, I added my stencils, I decided to just use two of the arrows, and to help them stick better on the wood, I brushed a little bit of ModPodge over the stencils (because I noticed the stencils were lifting, but the Modpodge definitely helped.)

And that’s it! Easy peasy… Don’t worry if it isn’t perfect, remember its your own unique piece and the key is to have this therapeutic time for yourself…so go have some fun! P.S. Any questions, just comment below.

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I hope you enjoyed!  Until the next one!

Jessica – Eclectic Indigo Gypsy8

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  1. Hello there! I’m looking for a way to organize my keys and my necklace and id slings. I want to buy one but I’m on a budget and the store is 20 minutes away from my apartment. I read your article and I didn’t know that it’s easy to do a necklace organizer. Thank you for sharing this information and hopefully that my organizer that I made last for a while.

  2. I sell new products online similar to these so I hesitate to share this awesome how to blog. No one will by my new ones lol 😂 great article

  3. What a great idea! It looks simple enough to do and I think it would be a really fun project to tackle. I own many necklaces so this would definitely help to organize them and stop them from getting all mingled up with each other. I think this would also work really well to be able to hang up house keys, or other misc objects in the house. Thanks for the idea!

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