Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

So I saw this lovely decorated tree on Pinterest and I had to see if I can find some items very similar to achieve this look! Lets dive in!! Plaid Items:


Fall Decor Idea for Your Living Room

I found another inspirational pin on Pinterest that I would love to share with you and help you by directing you to decor that is very similar to the look above so that you are able to achieve a similar… Continue Reading


Some Dining Room Inspiration/Share

Wanted to share my dining room area, I do most of my work(like this blog post) at my dining table area. My decor gives me a sense of peace. I made the wall shelves from some old shutters I found… Continue Reading


DIY- Necklace Holder/Organizer

Want to see how I made this? Keep reading and follow along if you’d like: **Pics are down below** Supplies needed (You don’t need these exact supplies, you can make it your own) I used: Super Glue and Stencils (From… Continue Reading


Some Fall Decor-Hope to Inspire

Some Fall decor, using Creams and Turquoise colors. I painted those pumpkins that were once orange (from The Dollar Tree) the flower pot, wheel barrel and candle sticks are from my local thrift store and the flowers were 50% off… Continue Reading


Pencil Drawing Made Easy

I am always on the lookout for ways to improve my drawing skills. I do this by searching the Internet to see if I can find new tutorials. Yesterday I stumbled across a cool pencil drawing site that I think… Continue Reading